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Armour of God Prayer

by April K. from our Ekklesia

Father God, I and my family come into agreement with you, Jesus and the Holy Spirit now, inviting and thanking the Host of Heaven to be our Warriors and Weapons. We call and appoint the Host of Heaven to fill the airspace over and around us, guard, watch and battle for us and all that is ours and our future generations in Jesus name. We cover ourselves with the blood of Jesus from the crowns of our heads to the soles of our feet and everywhere between. We declare the name of Jesus over this Holy moment and we dress ourselves and our family with the full armour of God: We declare EVERY assignment which has been sent is STOPPED by the barrier of JESUS' BLOOD.

We place upon ourselves now the helmet of salvation, deliverance, help, welfare and prosperity; taking every thought captive to the obedience of Jesus Christ. You said the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty through God for the pulling down of strongholds and destruction of fortresses, therefore we bind the power of the enemy and in Jesus name tear down every thought, every argument, every pretence, every high thing that would exalt itself above the knowledge of God in our minds, we utterly shatter every stronghold and fortress down to and including the cornerstone upon which these were built. We loose the power of the Holy Spirit and the balm of Gilead in these areas now to bring healing to our minds. Ministering Angels of God, pour over and anoint us with the oils of gladness, of abundance and provision, precious commodities, oils of cleansing and of purification, of strength, security and stability, of prosperity, oils of antimicrobial and immunostimulance, your Holy ceremonial perfumes, your ointment and incense, your oils of protection, your beautiful fragrance of life, your royal fragrant aroma with which you were anointed with Jesus, your oil of joy, your fresh anointing of renewal over us and thoroughly wash and cleanse our minds our hearts and our mouths. We decree we are enthusiastic believers displaying the joy and strength of the Lord, strongly decisive – not double-minded.

We place on now the breastplate of righteousness, justice and righteous acts; which covers both the front and the back. We command the Ministering Angels to remove every dart, arrow, and blows taken during warfare from our breastplate. Reinforce our breastplates now with your Holy strength.

We place on the strong belt of Truth and gird up the loins of our minds and emotions, keeping us alert and our mind/will/emotions free from the intoxicating, hypnotic sounds and paralyzing venom of the enemy.

We take into our hands the fiery, double-edged sword of the Spirit, which is the alive and active Mighty Word of God, penetrating even to the dividing soul and spirit, joints nd marrow, judging the thoughts and intentions of the heart. The red shield of the blood of Jesus emblazoned with the Lion of Judah (the high praises of God)

We take up the strong shield of Faith to extinguish all the fiery darts of the evil one. Host of Heaven we thank that you for raising around us your strong wings of protection, a canopy of worship. We thank you for the dome of protection around us now in the spirit. Cause us to be invisible to the enemy. Thank you Father God for drawing us in deeply under the shadow of your wings. Holy Spirit, grant us great great spiritual discernment, as much as you can give us. Keep us free from the spirit and assignment of great deception.

We place on our feet, the shoes which are sure, unshakable and anointed with fearlessness, for the preparation of the good news of Peace.
We place on the gown of Salvation and Deliverance. We speak salvation also to all the extended members of our families, to friends, to those in our sphere of influence who do not yet know you. Host of Heaven,  we release you to battle over them, protect them and minister to them; Holy Spirit draw them to salvation.

We place on the garments of Praise and command the Host of Heaven to remove the spirit of heaviness to be gone from us. We sing your praises Lord God, exalting your name and releasing the blood of Jesus. Host of Heaven, thank you for encamping about us, keeping heaviness away.

We place on the cloak of Zeal which is God's jealousy for us; for the passion and purposes of the Great I AM, of Jesus' blood and the power of the Holy Spirit.

Placing on now the Robes of Healing

Placing on now the Robes of Justice

Placing on now the Robes of Regalness

Placing on now the Robes of Righteousness

Placing on now the Mantle of Peace and Humility

Placing on now the Mantle of Beauty, Love and Greatness

Placing on now the Mantle of Governmental Kingdom Favor and Authority

Placing on now the Mantle of War and of Vengeance

Submitting  ourselves now to you LORD GOD; we RESIST the devil and he MUST flee

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