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Ki Tetze - August 16, 2021 - Torah Portion

The Torah portion for the week beginning Monday 16th August 2021 is (Deuteronomy 21:10 - 25-19) and is called “Ki Tetze”. It is about relationships between men and women, parents and children, employers and employees, lenders and borrowers but strikingly, it is about relationship between humans and animals, and we have a duty to be kind.

Genesis 1 gives us the mandate to “subdue and rule “creation including animals but Genesis two gives us the responsibility to “serve and guard” them. People who are cruel to animals are often cruel to people. We have a duty not to cause needless pain to animals because of its effects upon us. Animals may not have rights, but they have feelings, and we must respect them if we are to honour our role as God’s partners in creation.

It also mentions “do not muzzle an ox when it is treading the grain (“Deuteronomy 25:4) and this parallels a provision for human beings as well “when you come to work in your neighbours vineyard, you may eat as many grapes as you desire to satisfy your hunger. When you come to work in your neighbours standing grain, you may take the ears with your hand. “Deuteronomy 23 versus 25 to 26”. The principle is the same in both cases. It is crucial not to prevent those working with food from eating some of it. The parallel is instructive. Animals, not just humans, have feelings and they must be respected. It also says do not plough with an ox and a donkey together Deuteronomy 22 verse 10 the ox is stronger than a donkey so expecting the donkey to match the work of an ox is cruel. Each animal species has its unique role in the scheme of creation that we must respect. But the oxen and the picture of the donkey spoke to me about something else today which I would like to share…

As I mentioned last week, we are in the 6th month of the Biblical Year and the 12 month of the Civil Year. 6 and 12Oxen and donkey - hold that thought.

As we move from the Hebraic year 5781 into 5782 in September and for us 2021 into 2022 in January, I want to mention the strength of an ox and what I felt God was saying as He sets us up as leaders in the Church but also in our Government.

We will be crossing over into the new Hebraic year 5782 in Rosh Hashanah 7th September and things are beginning to shift and drop into place. We are seeing a shift within the church and in the Government as we approach an election here in Canada. There will be an even more dividing line coming between people who want to continue in the Presence of God and be part of the Truth Church and those who want to shift into Truthful Government creating a falling away or indeed a crossing over or indeed crossing the floor of the House!.

Matthew 24:10-13 states clearly that “many will fall away and betray one another and hate one another. And many false prophets will arise and lead many astray. And because lawlessness will be increased, the love of many will grow cold. But the one who endures to the end will be saved.”

God has given us a grace period to follow through from the Year of the Ox and cross over into the Year of House – the habitation and God is about to release an Oxen Anointing on many of Church and Government leaders. Proverbs 14:4 says Where there are no oxen, the manger is empty: but from the strength of an ox comes an abundant harvest. In Psalm 92:10 it reads “You have exalted my horn like that of a wild ox ; fine oils have been poured upon me. That’s the “Oxen Anointing” Over this past year we have been building in the spirit. An ox is a muscular animal it brings strength to the HOUSE. An ox is born to plough. An ox never gives up. Its not the time to give up – its time to rise up.

Let me explain: The “aleph” which is the first letter of the alphabet “1” depicts a picture of an ox. So in the year 5781 or 2021 this was the year of the Ox. The oxen represents strength and power.

In Numbers chapter 7:1-5 it reads “ On the day Moses set up the Tabernacle he anointed it and set it apart as holy. He also anointed and set apart all his furnishings and the altar with its utensils. Then the leaders of Israel, the tribal leaders, came and brought their offerings. They brought six large waggons and 12 oxen. They presented these to the Lord in the Tabernacle (in the House) and then the Lord said to Moses, “ receive these gifts and oxen and waggons for transporting the Tabernacle (The House), and distribute them among the Levites according to the work they have to do”. (New Living Translation):

That meant for their assignment, God will give them the capacity to accomplish what they had to do. Each assignment was different. Oxen are known for strength and power and for ploughing the ground. The strength of an ox is used to plough territory. The Lord God is giving strength to His oxen who are going to plough the ground in new areas and new territories. That is happening now - 2021. The Land is being ploughed ready to receive the seed, the wheat of His word, because a great harvest is coming next year.

We must be willing to take on the “oxen anointing” and the generous strength that God is going to give us. The “Oxen Anointing” is the Breakthrough anointing. We must not plough within our own strength like donkeys that go around trying to keep up with an ox and who have their own agenda, or who want to do things their own thing.

God is raising up the “oxen anointing” upon leaders right now to give them a special grace upon their lives to be able to plough through the difficult times and situation that we are in right now. He is raising up those with the “oxen anointing” to go into the dry places, into the stony places to plough up and furrow the land. God has been raising up those with the Oxen Anointing over this last year – in cities, in families, in regions and in the nations for which they have laboured and not given up but now God is saying this is the time and the season to create a habitation for His presence in the Year of the House – and its going to be different..

This is a word for leaders in this season, as I mentioned last week the sixth month of the Biblical Calendar but the 12th month of the Civil calendar - this is a now word I am speaking.

Next year is 5782/2022 the 2 equals “B” and depicts the picture of a House called “Bet” in the Hebrew as in Bet-le-hem meaning House of Bread. The House is the House of God and represents the “Tabernacle” or the Presence of God in the earth. Tabernacle means “God with us”.

With the Oxen anointing this year, we will be going before the Tabernacle, the habitation, the House of the Glory of God into the next year. We will be going over just as Joshua is ready to cross over the Jordan into the Promised Land in this week’s Torah….. The oxen go before the cart pulling the House. God is strengthening us right now as leaders to pull into place the offering, the praises of His people, and the Tabernacle – the Habitation and Glory of His Presence, before we can occupy the land and before the Tabernacle - The House itself is set up. God has given us this special strength with the oxen anointing to go before the House, to welcome the Presence of the Lord on the other side. We are crossing over.

God is bringing us into a land to occupy a land with the Presence of His Glory. We are at the end of the year of the ox (aleph) 5781 and entering into a Year of the House – 5782/2022. There is a correlation between 5781/2021 (ox) -5782/2022 (House).

There were 12 oxen in 6 carts. 12 is the number of divine government order and it’s a very apostolic number and God is setting things in order. The number 6 which is the number of man depicts a man’s power or man’s strength.

The oxen (12) and carts (6) are pulling the House of God into place. Leaders will be pulling and preparing a habitation for Him on the other side... Creating a in new habitation of God’s Presence. The Arch Bishop of Canterbury last week declared “Behold I do a new thing. Do you not perceive it?” This is not a visitation, this will THE Divine Presence of God in our land.

We can glean from all of this information that God is setting up “Divine Government Order” amongst his leadership, and amongst his apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers. Get ready because God is putting a grace upon our lives to enable us to carry this. We do not have to carry this on our backs. God is giving us the strength of the oxen to carry this. It is written “My yoke is easy and my burden is light”. Jesus is pulling it with us by His grace – don’t run ahead of Him.

I pray divine favour over us that we have the grace to partner with God and to usher in the Divine Presence into this next season and next New Year 2022 for the Body and that the spirit of revival will be poured out in our land.

Are you ready Pastors ?– Anoint your teams with the “oxen anointing” to be equally yoked with God in this next season to pull us into the Divine Presence of God in this Biblical New Year 5782 and the Gregorian year 2022 The Year of the House.

Shabbat Shalom.

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